Prism, Mirror, Lens

Posted 12 September 2015, 10:14

Prism, Mirror, Lens

On August 30, I released a new download-only album on Bandcamp called Prism, Mirror, Lens. It consists of two tracks: the 47-minute title piece, and an older piece called Nur that I wrote in 2009 and revised recently. In a departure from my previous releases, these are both performance pieces, and both were recorded as live single takes (after a lot of practicing). Here are summary descriptions of both pieces:

The release is available at It’s pay-as-you-wish (which includes $0), so there’s no reason not to download it and get a much higher-quality listening experience than you will get from streaming it (especially if you download it as FLAC, which is lossless).


Imaginary Harmony

Posted 5 July 2015, 10:03

I have just released a new piece in two parts called Imaginary Harmony. This is a generative piece for Csound. For more information, please go to the link above.



"An Echo of Nothing"

Posted 20 June 2015, 15:56

Issue three of the online journal Reductive, published June 2015, contains an article by Jesse Goin called An Echo of Nothing. It is an exploration of the concept for which he uses the Japanese term chikaku chinmoku, which he defines as “near-silence, or reticent-silence.” After talking about the music of Lance Austin Olsen & Jamie Drouin, Haptic, and Daniel Jones, he discusses three artists who for him “imbue near-silence with pitches and tones, ligatures of sine waves, oscillations arising from the ground of emptiness,” including David Papapostolou, Ryoko Akama and myself.

Of ~60 Hz, Goin’s writes

[…] the composer undergirds the three compositions with frequencies that pervade the public grid, a thrum super-saturating our world sufficiently so as to make it (optionally) beneath our notice. By tuning his work to this frequency, Seidel creates an environment in which our attention can toggle between attending to the waves, or riding them like the breath. Remarkably warm and immersive, Seidel’s frequencies are braided in such a way as to allow the mind to settle into a borderland between attention and diffusion. For all its activity (relative to, say [Haptic’s] Abeyance) – the binaural beating, the rising and falling – Seidel’s work continually returns to a serene baseline. It makes sense, as divergent as their materials may be, that Seidel is a label-mate of composer Jurg Frey.

Many thanks to Jesse Goin for his thoughtful and appreciative review, and for discussing my work in conjunction with this particular group of composers.



UnTwelve Interview

Posted 8 March 2015, 11:31

My interview with Aaron Krister Johnson of UnTwelve is up now. Thanks very much to Aaron for your interest, and for providing me an opportunity to talk about my music!

More "~60 Hz" Mentions

Posted 1 February 2015, 11:09

I periodically google for mentions of ~60 Hz, to discover mentions and review that I missed. Even when they contain links, they usually link to the Irritable Hedgehog page. This is appropriate, but it also means that I don’t gets hits on my site that I can follow back to the source. This weekend I found four nice ones, including two more “best of” lists:

Sincere thanks to these folks for noticing the release and being moved to regard it in a positive light. It is much appreciated.

2015: Intentions, Possibilities, and Dates

Posted 4 January 2015, 13:47

Here are a few things I have in mind for 2015. Hopefully at least some of them will come to fruition; the universe may be indifferent to our plans, but one must start somewhere. Not presented in any particular order, and certainly not intended to be complete:

Here are the gigs that are scheduled so far:

2014 in Retrospect

Posted 31 December 2014, 18:27

It has been a full and interesting year. Some highlights:

I got a few nice reviews:

It was very nice to be mentioned on a few end-of-year lists from people I respect:

Finally, here’s a playlist of all the individual tracks I published on SoundCloud in 2014 (in chronological order):



Posted 24 August 2014, 11:36

For the past year or so, I’ve been working with my friends video artist Greg Kowalski and artist/musician/hellraiser Dei Xhrist on a new production of Sarah Kane’s play Crave). We were fortunate to be accepted into the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival. We’ve now completed the first three of our five performances, and are very happy to have received a glowing review from James Alexandratos of The Public Reviews. The entire review is worth reading (in my completely unbiased opinion), but personally I am partial to the section that refers to “Dave Seidel’s brilliantly subtle sound design.” Thank you, Mr. Alexandratos!

For more on the production, including stills and clips, see Greg’s site. As of the date of this posting, there are two more performance FringeFest performances coming up on August 23 and 23 (see the preceding link for all the details).

I will also mention my release Absence Sleeps Between The Buildings At Night, which is based on the work I did for Crave.

Update, 2014-08-24
Our FringeFest run is over, and it went well. We hope to eventually announce another NYC-area performance at some point in the not-so-distant future.

I’m pleased to note that we have received two additional positive reviews:


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Record Store Shows

Posted 3 April 2014, 21:27

I have some shows coming up, all at record stores. This may have something to do my new CD. The first one is tomorrow night (as I write this):

More information coming on the CD release party, but there will be other performers and refreshments!

~60 Hz Released

Posted 25 February 2014, 17:40

I am very happy to announce that my piece ~60 Hz has been released on CD by the Irritable Hedgehog label. It features liner notes by Marc Weidenbaum and a beautiful design by Scott Unrein. Many thanks to David D. McIntire, Michelle Allen McIntire, and Andy Lee of Irritable Hedgehog for publishing my music on their label. This is my first CD under my own name.

The release may be streamed and purchased (download or CD) at


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