Gemini Nebula Live

Posted 9 March 2005, 15:30


A live performance version of The Gemini Nebula, arranged by Art Hunkins for realtime versions of Csound. Several variants are included: with or without MIDI controllers, stereo or quad.

Background & Technical Details

For details on the original version of the piece, see the Gemini Nebula page. In this version, Art Hunkins has taken the primary compositional elements and put them under control of the performer, using either graphical controls on the screen or MIDI controllers (sliders or knobs). He has also, in the quadraphonic variants, added an additional spatial element that is not present in my original piece.

Thank you, Art, for seeing new possibilities in this music and making them real! Please see Art’s site for many more beautiful and fascinating works of realtime electronic music.

Copyright & Licensing

Copyright © 2005, Dave Seidel. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


Csound unified score files (21KB)
Performance notes (text, 8KB)


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