Sublimation (Realtime Version)

Posted 11 March 2006, 19:52


A live performance version of my piece Sublimation, as arranged by Art Hunkins. Requires Csound 5.0 and a MIDI controller with 6-8 sliders or rotary pots.

Duration: 12 minutes.

Background & Technical Details

This is Art’s fourth realtime arrangement of one of my pieces. This one pushes the envelope — the sheer number of simultaneous oscillators along with the reverb processing makes this a very processor-intensive piece. Art made two variations, one using precision oscillators (as in my original version) and one using lower-precision interpolating oscillators, and also explains how to adjust the sampling rate if necessary to achieve a smooth performance; this is all explained in his performance notes.

Thanks again to Art for his dedication, time and energy. I appreciate his hard work not only on a selfish level, but also because of his tireless efforts to promote Csound as a viable and powerful tool for cross-platform realtime musical performance. To other Csound composers, I recommend reading and studying his code to learn some great techniques. Please visit Art’s site to check out his own beautiful and contemplative music.



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