Drift Dhikr II

Posted 2 April 2006, 18:26


Or, “Heraclitus Takes It to the Bridge.” Ambient but intense. Should be played loud.

Duration: 5 minutes.

Background & Technical Details

I was inspired by a pair of Csound instruments designed by Anthony Kozar as seen in a recent post of his, where the output of several oscillators is accumulated and used to frequency-modulate a carrier wave.

Among other changes, I modified Anthony’s carrier instrument so that it glides from a starting pitch to an ending pitch along an exponential curve, and made two instances: one that glides from 2/1 (the octave) down to 3/2 (a perfect fifth), and one that glides from 1/1 (the “root”) up to 3/2. For each carrier I used a set of eleven modulators, tuned to a sequence of prime harmonics starting with 3.

The end result, like the first Drift Dhikr, is a complex resonant drone that is simultaneously static and constantly changing. The timbre in this piece is more intense than in the earlier piece because of the use of FM synthesis, and I have made it a “hotter” mix as well. I’ve tried to approach the intensity of good old electric guitar feedback, though (alas) with fewer of the chaotic elements that occur when vibrating metal wires in a magnetic field are sympathetically excited by a bath of high volume sound waves from a Marshall amp turned up to 11.

Copyright & Licensing

Copyright © 2006, Dave Seidel. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


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Csound unified score file (7KB)