Beloved World Music Ensemble CD Now Available Online

Posted 21 December 2007, 21:30

I have created a new MySpace page for Beloved World Music Ensemble, which I co-founded in 1999 with Lua Hightower. The group is on long-term hiatus. The CD we made in 2001 has been out of print for a while now, but I finally got it together to make it available for purchase by download, either as individual tracks or as a complete set.

Lua (who writes, sings, and plays frame drums) and I (who primarily played acoustic guitar in this context) started Beloved to perform traditional and original songs in the context of Sufism. We have worked with a number of very talented friends and collaborators in several configurations. The group that made this CD featured Humayun Farzad Khan on voice and harmonium, Cybele on voice, sarangi, and tamboura, and Shankar Das on tablas, with the additional assistance of Fred Stubbs (ney) and Todd Roach (frame drum, doumbek).

This is devotional music that incorporates dhikr and elements from Turkish, Indian, Afghani and modern American musical traditions. If these match your interests, please check it out, and I hope you find it enjoyable. For more information, see the credits page and the songs page.