CD-R release: Sublimation

Posted 21 November 2008, 22:53

mysterybear image by Eric Gagne

I am pleased to announce Sublimation, my first CD-R release, on the Glass Museum label. Like all Glass Museum releases to date, it is a limited handmade run (in this case, 48 copies), with artwork designed and screened by Eric Gagne. The CD debuts tomorrow (November 22, 2008) at the Broke Arts Fair in Peterborough, NH (US). After that it will be available, while supplies last, at a few places in the local area, particularly Toadstool Books (also in Peterborough).

Here is the track listing (each title links to its own page on this site):

  1. Sublimation
  2. Owllight
  3. Palimpsest
  4. Aurora
  5. The Gemini Nebula
  6. Second Sleep
  7. Law Of Octaves
  8. Unstill Light

Updates, 1-Jan-2009:


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