New release on Stasisfield: Elementals

Posted 10 August 2009, 14:49

I am very happy to announce a new release called Elementals on the Stasisfield netlabel. John Kannenberg has done the beautiful job of design, packaging and presentation that Statisfield followers have come to expect, and I am grateful to part of his roster.

In John’s words:

Peterborough, New Hampshire’s Dave Seidel offers a microtonal ode to the four primal elements. Water, fire, earth and air are represented here by elegant synthetic sounds and digitally manipulated field recordings. Working primarily in Csound, Seidel sculpts swathing drones and digital flutters into monolithic representations of his natural subjects. Technicians will undoubtedly consult Seidel’s notes included in the album’s digital packaging as well as the more extensive essays on his personal website for details of these tracks’ construction, while aesthetes will simply lose themselves in their overwhelming beauty.

Please go to the site and check it out.

Update 1

Kyle Gann has blogged Elementals:

Dave Seidel, who makes some of gentlest and most natural-sounding purely-tuned music around (sort of in the Eliane Radigue/Phill Niblock vein but with even softer edges, kind of happier), has a beautiful new album on the web called Elementals.

See the entire post for the rest. Thanks, Kyle!

Update 2

Links to individual pages for each piece, for those seeking details:

  1. Herald of Water
  2. Nur
  3. A Door Into Spring
  4. Herald of Air