Apocalypse Garage #1

Posted 11 July 2010, 20:53

This is an improvisation I made last week for the ImprovFriday July 1-3, 2010 session. I used two synth boxes that my brother Doug built for me: an Auduino box through a Boss RC-2 looper into a guitar amp, and a WSG through a Moogerfooger ring modulator into a bass amp, plus a standalone electronic sruti box (with its own speaker). Recorded on my Zoom H4, and edited only to create a beginning and an end (no post-production EQ or effects).

Of course, this is a departure from the work I usually post here, which is generally more meditative in nature and written over a period of days or weeks. The fact is, my musical life these days also includes live, free, and often noisy improvisation, mostly as the bass player in Sisters and Brothers. And my background includes years playing (guitar) in rock bands, including many hours spent in garages and basements. So when Doug made these sound-generating devices for me, I realized that I now had a way to combine these different approaches in my own garage. I intend to do more stuff like this, both here at home in in other venues, and to include some electric guitar and laptop, and whatever else I can use, both in a solo context and with other musicians.

I don’t plan to stop making composed (i.e., non-improvised) pieces utilizing drones, microtones, and Csound— I have a lot of area left to explore in that vein — but it sure is fun to make some loud and spontaneous noise once in a while.

apocalypse garage #1 by mysterybear