No-R-mal II: Penumbral

Posted 8 August 2010, 16:19

Mark (aka Mystahr) at the Justnotnormal Netlabel has just released their second massive compilation, No-R-mal II, 71 tracks of experimental music organized into six sets (each of which is suitable for burning to a CD). Each CD has a theme; the first one is called Warm voices, and it includes a track of mine called Penumbral.

Penumbral started life several years ago as a piece called Passacagla & Fugue State and uses a “scale” I built from the set of pitches used in the La Monte Young sine wave installation called (deep breath) “The Base 9:7:4 Symmetry in Prime Time When Centered above and below The Lowest Term Primes in The Range 288 to 224 with The Addition of 279 and 261 in Which The Half of The Symmetric Division Mapped above and Including 288 Consists of The Powers of 2 Multiplied by The Primes within The Ranges of 144 to 128, 72 to 64 and 36 to 32 Which Are Symmetrical to Those Primes in Lowest Terms in The Half of The Symmetric Division Mapped below and Including 224 within The Ranges 126 to 112, 63 to 56 and 31.5 to 28 with The Addition of 119”. This is a revision of my earlier piece, with (hopefully) higher-quality sound and several other changes here and there.

The piece was not intended to imitate natural sounds, but it did result in some sounds that are somewhat reminiscent of the peepers and insects that can be heard in rural places. Listening to it this morning, it blended very well with the cricket sounds coming through the open windows of my living room.

Here is the track for streaming and/or downloading, but I encourage you to check out the rest of the No-R-mal II release — there’s a LOT of good music there.

Penumbral by mysterybear


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