Complex Silence 12 released

Posted 27 February 2011, 18:09

Complex Silence 12

Two previously unreleased tracks of binaural drone music, #12
in the Complex Silence series curated by Philip Wilkerson on the
Treetrunk netlabel. This music was made with Csound and blue. The artwork is by Philip Wilkerson.

From the liner notes: “These pieces both employ the technique of binaural beating, and are thus most effective if you listen with headphones. Gyre II is made with nothing but sine waves, and is dedicated to ELEH. It was premiered as part of the “Disruptive Stillness” exhibition that took place at Jean Paul Slusser Gallery of the University of Michigan School of Art & Design in Ann Arbor, January 2011. The concept behind Ylem is the emergence of sound from the creative void – starting simply, growing in complexity, and finally returning to the void from whence it came.”

Complex Silence release page

Treetrunk release page


Thanks to Phil Wilkerson for all of his work.


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