Looking Back at 2011

Posted 27 December 2011, 18:59

It’s been a very productive year. In fact, I’m pretty surprised at what how much got done, mainly by accepting opportunities as they arose.


I did a lot of live shows playing improvised electronics with no keyboard or laptop. Friendly venues, particularly The House Of Goings On in Manchester (NH) and 119 Gallery in Lowell (MA), provided playing opportunities and many new friends, allies and collaborators. In the end I played 18 shows over the course of the year at a great set of venues (in chronological order): Toadstool Books, BUOY, The House Of Goings On, 119 Gallery, Flywheel, The Stone, The Purple Barn, Opensound, Albany Sonic Arts Collective, The Red Door, The Zoloft, Chailey Mansion, and The Flopera House.

A performance high point of the year: Mary Jane Leach was nice enough to invite me to share her gig at The Stone on June 12, which happens to be both her birthday and mine.

I made a practice of recording as many shows as possible. All the recordings that I’m happy with have been posted to SoundCloud where they are available as individual tracks and also collected in the following set:
The Left-Hand Path by mysterybear

I also made several improvised pieces at home, several of which I submitted to various sessions of the great ImprovFriday project:
At Home: 2011 by mysterybear


I also wrote and/or published a number of composed (as opposed to improvised) works, which I make using Csound (usually with blue) on a laptop. These pieces are collected in the following set:
Composed: 2011 by mysterybear


Only one netlabel release this year (on someone else’s netlabel, that is), but it’s one I’m very pleased with: Complex Silence 12. I’m flattered that Complex Silence 12 was listed as a notable release for the year by both David Nemeth and C. Reider. Track one (Gyre II) was also accepted into the Disruptive Stillness exhibition at University of Michigan in January.

I participated in two other netlabel releases/projects:

I dipped my toe into the ocean of netlabel publishing with the first two releases on my own netlabel:

I decided to re-release Sublimation (originally a CD-R, then a NetNewMusic netlabel release) on Bandcamp and actually sold a few copies.


I collaborated, actively and passively, with several people in the course of the year:


Bill Bacon, Greg Kowalsky and I formed a band called Ouroboros and played our first few gigs. I’m really looking forward to bringing this project further into fruition in the new year.

Ouroboros by mysterybear


I was fortunate to have gotten a few very nice reviews around the web:

Finally, it was very nice to be selected as SoundClouder of the Day on August 25. Thanks, guys!

All in all, it was a very gratifying year, and I’m hoping for another one in 2012. I hope that I didn’t forget anyone or anything, but if I did, I’ll revise this post as necessary.