The Quiet Sun

Posted 27 April 2013, 17:13

I’ve been remiss in blogging here, instead relying on SoundCloud and Tumblr to announce individual tracks as I put them out, though I do collect performance recordings on the performance archive page and I mention new tracks in passing on the front page. But last year, as it turned out, was mostly about live performances and recorded improvisations. This year is shaping up to be more about album-type releases and longer pieces. Accordingly, I will be posting here more often.

My first netlabel release of the year is The Quiet Sun, on the Vuzh Music label. Here’s the blurb from Vuzh:

Feedback implies pure chaos, but here you find gesture, intent, expression within the chaos. Something between harsh noise music and that exploring expressiveness of Jimi Hendrix’s most noisy, feedback-laden moments, Dave Seidel explores these sounds and finds analogies with that life-giving ball of energy, the Sun.

Please go to the Vuzh website to stream and/or download the release.

Here is track 1, “Epicycle”