Sing Men and Women!

Posted 28 December 2013, 14:17

This is a collaboration between me and Alan Morse Davies. I made some initial sounds, and Alan did everything else (and added a track of his own). It is released on the At Sea netlabel.

In Alan’s words:

The concept is control and reaction to control. Musically it’s wave interference. Almost all of what you hear here is due to that, not any fancy sonic manipulation.

Track 1 is an overlay of two different live recordings from Mysterybear (one played backwards over the other). That’s all I did, no EQ, compression or effects of any other kind. It’s fully organic weird that is free.

All good? Hurrah, let’s go.

Update (2013-12-28): This release has been available for some months now on Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-wish basis (which can be $0). Please enjoy responsibly.

Here is a sample track: