Coming Soon: ~60Hz

Posted 17 June 2013, 19:01

In the fall of 2012, I had an idea for a piece called ~60Hz (pronounced “around sixty Hertz”). My intention was to work on a somewhat larger scale than in previous work, both in terms of length and effort over time. After several months of work, I ended up with a three-part piece, just over 52 minutes long, made entirely of precisely-generated sine waves and characterized by the pervasive use of binaural beats.

I’m pleased to announce that ~60Hz will be coming out later this year as a CD on Irritable Hedgehog, David McIntire’s small and highly focused label devoted to minimalist and postminimalist music in both acoustic and electronic realms.

I will write more about ~60Hz when the music is actually available to be heard. In the meantime, here is the initial announcement via the latest Irritable Hedgehog newsletter, along with other interesting news. The article includes a preview of Scott Unrein’s beautiful cover design: Irritable Hedgehog 2013 Q2 Newletter