mysterybear drone radio

Posted 28 May 2012, 04:27

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garage drone + remixes (2011) [mb00]

Posted 19 February 2011, 22:09

garage drone + remixes

An industrial drone improvisation by mysterybear (“apocalypse garage #2”) with remixes by (in naive alphabetical order): Alan Morse Davies, C. Reider,, David Nemeth, Jérôme Poirier, Jim Butler, M. Peck, mdsmithson, mysterybear, Mystified, Ricardo Webbens, Savaran, and Tim Risher.

The original track was recorded live in my garage in the summer of 2010 on a Zoom H4 recorder, using an Auduino box and a Weird Sound Generator with a Boss Metal Zone, a Moogerfooger ring modulator, and a Boss RC-2 looper through a bass amp. There was no post-processing and no editing other than to tidy up the beginning and ending.

Thanks to all the participants for their contributions! The remix tracks are numbered based on the reverse alphabetical order of the artists’ names, for lack of a better organizing principle.


Following A Line (2011) [mb01]

Posted 13 February 2011, 02:00

Following A Line

Performed and recorded live in Peterborough, NH, January 2011.

Dave Seidel: Auduino, Buddha Machines, MoogerFooger ring modulator, Deluxe Memory Man, RC-2 looper.

There’s a nice review of this music on Disquiet.