2014 in Retrospect

Posted 31 December 2014, 18:27

It has been a full and interesting year. Some highlights:

I got a few nice reviews:

It was very nice to be mentioned on a few end-of-year lists from people I respect:

Finally, here’s a playlist of all the individual tracks I published on SoundCloud in 2014 (in chronological order):


Absence sleeps between the buildings at night.

Posted 31 January 2014, 13:06

Image copyright 2014 John Kannenberg

John Kannenberg’s Stasisfield netlabel has just released Absence sleeps between the buildings at night. This work is an off-shoot from a project I’ve been working on with Greg Kowalski, a unique multimedia production of Sarah Kane’s play Crave). It’s a bit of a departure from my previous work, both in its dark tone and its heavy use of field recordings. These properties developed from my response to the material and the needs of the performance. I think of this work as anti-ambient; it is droney and may be listened to in the foreground or in the background in common with ambient music, but it deliberately does not partake of the soothing quality we tend to associate with that genre. Instead, I mean to invoke more of a sense of unease, which seemed to me to be appropriate to Kane’s work.

Here is a track from the release:

The complete release can be found at the Stasisfield site. It is free, and includes detailed liner notes (including credits and links for the field recordings I used, all of which came from Freesound).


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